The object of the game is to gain points. Points are given when a player visits a location to find or verify information, when names are found or verified, or when extra points are given on the situation cards.

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The Game of Genealogy
Just as every fisherman has a story to tell about the ‘one that got away,’ every genealogist has a story to tell about the excitement, disappointment or struggle they had in trying to find that elusive ancestor.
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The game of genealogy is a fun game that lets the player experience the excitement and some of the challenges in doing genealogical research. The game board features ten locations where genealogical information can be found. When a player arrives at a destination, they pick up a situation card which tells them the results of their search at that location. The situation cards describe typical experiences a genealogist would possibly have at that location in real life. For instance, some cards tell the player that they found the name they were looking for or that they found several names; some will tell the player that they must go to another location to verify the information they received; some will tell the player they did not find any information; and some cards will award bonus points for acts of kindness or assistance given to another person.

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When information is found or verified it is recorded on the score card (a modified pedigree chart) and points are given for each name found or verified, and each location visited. The competitive nature of the game makes it fun for the young and old alike and provides a format for teaching families about their ancestors when stories are told and information shared.

The Game of Genealogy

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